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Show Details.Rental Season
Outdoor Rentals: March 1st through December 15 (peak season from May 1 through September 30). Indoor Rentals: Available during our off season from December 16 through April 30. For more information, please contact us!
Show Details.Reservations
We accept rental requests up until the day of your event! To ensure rental availability, we suggest booking sooner rather than later.

A 50% deposit of the total balance is due at the time of the reservation. Deposit is accepted via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Email beaniebouncerentals@gmail.com or call us at 610-272-0270 to make your reservation today!
Show Details.Cancellations
ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE EXCEPT IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER. The definition of inclement weather is a washout of a day. We will deliver if the forecast calls for pop-up showers or thunderstorms as the rentals can be used before and after any type of rain event. No refund will be provided for any other reason especially if delivery of the rentals is taken prior to the actual event date.

Once we have delivered your rentals and collected the rental and setup fees, no weather-related refunds will be given.

No other refunds, for reasons other than a washout of a day will be made. There are times when providing a rain check to be used at another time during the season can be made. Please call the office to discuss.
Show Details.Setup
Setup timing will be discussed at the time of reservation.

Although we can setup on asphalt and concrete, it is better if the location is a reasonably level, grass-covered area. The area should be free of any debris, roots, glass (or other sharp objects), and animal droppings. Before setting up, we will inspect the area and make every attempt to accommodate your wishes. NOTE: for safety reasons, our staff will ultimately decide if the desired area is safe for setup.

Additionally, we will need access to electrical power. Each unit requires its own 115 VAC/20 Amp outlet within 100 feet of the setup area. If you do not have an outside receptacle, we can usually route our power lines through a window. The outlet used for your washing machine is usually a good bet (so long as you don't do the laundry at the same time). For setup where power is not available, we can provide portable power generating equipment (additional charges apply).

We will provide everything needed to setup the device (ground cover for under the Bounce, tie-down stakes, GFCI-equipped power cords, etc.)
Show Details.Breakdown & Pick-Up
We will return to your site at the completion of your rental period to breakdown and retrieve the equipment. The unit will be inspected, bundled and loaded back on to our truck.

If your event ends before we arrive to retrieve the equipment, simply unplug the blower and allow it to collapse. Please DO NOT attempt to pack or bundle the unit.

If you must vacate your event location by a specific time, please let us know so we can deliver and setup accordingly.



Beanie Bounce Party Rentals strives to ensure that all rentals are, above all else, SAFE and FUN. If setup properly and you have responsible adult supervision, bounce house/moon bounce rentals are very safe.

We have two state-certified amusement ride inspectors who will take the time to instruct the event organizer or "responsible adult" on the proper use of each piece of equipment.

The following are our basic safety rules for bounce houses/moon bounces:

Show Details.Kids Only
A MoonBounce is an amusement device for kids. Do not permit adults to use the device especially if alcohol is present.
Show Details.Never leave Unattended
Never leave the MoonBounce unattended while inflated. A parent, or responsible adult or employee of Beanie Bounce should be present at all times to assure bouncers play safe. If leaving for another activity, turn off the blower and allow the unit to deflate.
Show Details.Limit Bouncers
Limit the number of bouncers to that which has been instructed for the particular bounce that was rented. This reduces the probability of collisions. The larger the kids the fewer the number of children should be bouncing together.
Show Details.Group by Size
Never allow big kids to bounce with little kids.
Show Details.No Hot Dogging
Flips & other stunts can lead to serious injuries.
Show Details.No Bouncing Off the Walls
Running back & forth, bouncing off the side walls, wrestle-mania style, can cause the bounce to capsize causing serious injury.
Show Details.No Sharp or Hard Objects
Be sure bouncers remove glasses, jewelry (including earrings) & shoes.
Show Details.Do Not Operate in the Rain
In the event of rain, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY. Have all bouncers exit the Moon Bounce, turn off the blower and allow the unit to deflate. Cover the unit with the rain cover provided. Once the storm has passed, turn the blower on and allow the unit to fully inflate. Dry the Moon Bounce surface before resuming use.
Show Details.Do Not Operate in High Winds
If winds are gusting to 20 mph or more, DISCONTINUE USE. Have all bouncers exist the Moon Bounce, turn off the blower and allow the unit to deflate. Do not resume use until the threat of high winds has passed.
Show Details.Loss of Power
In the event of a power loss, don't panic. The unit will take about a minute to deflate. The "attendant" should instruct the bouncers to immediately exit the Moon Bounce.
Show Details.No Silly String
Silly String will permanently damage the vinyl fabric of the bounce. Do not allow Silly String to be used in or around the Moon Bounce. As the renter, you are responsible for damages.
Show Details.In the Event of a Problem
Should you encounter a problem of any nature, contact us at 610-272-0270.

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